I want to share my experience from Dream Careers Consultancy. I was worried about the admission and then I came to know about Dream Careers. They helped me for college admission . Its a good college, studies is good and the teachers are very helpful.

Hassan Behl(India)MBBS Student

The first thing that impressed me about Dream Careers was the friendly nature of everyone. Being so far away from home it is nice to be in an environment where everyone is welcoming. It makes life easier to be in a small community where everyone is familiar.

Ubaid Iqbal(India)MBBS Student

I took admission in Bangladesh for MBBS degree, Dream Careers helped me in all documents and visa. We didn’t face any problem in reaching to the university safely as Indian Student and MBBS helped. I found BSMU as the best University.

Shahil Wani(India)MBBS Student

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