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TMSS Medical College came into existence for the well-being of unprivileged, discriminated, neglected, exploited, and oppressed people. The medical facility is the most important one among the basic human needs. Access to good medical treatment by the neglected and unprivileged people has become dearth now. TMSS had long felt the need of adding a Medical College to the many educational and social welfare institutions through which, over the years it has served the country. TMSS Medical College (TMC) has been established in the year 2008 as a constituent program of TMSS to build a strong health service provider.

Despite three decades’ continuous endeavors of thousands of renowned NGOs for the country’s grassroots level comprehensive development, the achievement of the NGOs appeared to many of the Economist as truffle and negligible because of lack of backward & forward linkage and scope. TMSS is not for profit organization and the philosophy of this organization is a philanthropist.

In order to address the problems in achieving the aim of TMSS and to solidify the main philosophy, the noble commitment which TMSS made to contribute its efforts in the Health Sector through the establishment and operation of three Medical Technology Institutes, one Nursing College, Three Medical Assistant Training School, two Community Paramedic Institutes, One Ayurvedic Unani Medical College & Hospital, and TMSS Medical College have been approved by the Government. Because of this, we are expressing our gratitude to the Government and thankfulness to the Almighty Allah.

Education is the most important component for the development of the human being-the best among the entire creation. In the present time, many have considered Education as a business where TMSS is the exception. Keeping the fluency and sustainability of education the all-out enc1eavours of TMSS is mainly concerned only with the enhancement of quality & standard of education. This will refrain the entrepreneurs from personal economic gains, rather the money could be used for the procurement of educational materials, building up student and Teachers satisfaction. The satisfaction of the service provider ensures the achievement of quality and standard of service. Job satisfaction is favorable for institutional sustainability.

Eligibility of Candidates for TMSS Medical College

Eligibility of Candidates Admission in TMSS Medical College (TMC) shall be on merit and shall follow the same criteria as prescribed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council. Applications are invited for admission to the first-year MBBS classes as per instruction. Eligibility Criteria of Local Students (Bangladeshi Students) The eligibility of a student (Bangladeshi Student) to apply are as follows: (1) The applicant shall be a Bangladeshi Citizen. (2) Passed SSC or equivalent examination and HSC or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. (3) Must have a minimum combined GPA of 8.0, an individual minimum GPA of 3.5, and a minimum GPA of 3.5 in Biology at HSC level. (4) O and A level examination candidates should submit an equivalence certificate from the Directorate General of Health Services, Govt. of Bangladesh along with the application. Foreign Students A limited number of (50%) seats are available for foreign nationals. Interested candidates or their representative(s) may contact the college office (personally, by telephone, or through e-mail) for information regarding admission.

Eligibility Criteria of Foreign Students for Session 2021-22 TMSS Medical College has offered a limited number of seats at the MBBS Course for foreign students for the academic year 2018-2019 under the self-finance scheme. The interested applicants must fulfill the following criteria of eligibility for admission:

  1. SSC/ ‘O’ level or equivalent examination passed not before 2015.
  2. HSC/ ‘A’ level or equivalent examination passed not before 2017.
  3. Minimum aggregate GPA in SSC/ ‘O’ level or equivalent and HSC/ ‘A’ level or equivalent Examination: 8.00 (eight). In addition, the students from India and Nepal have to follow the rules & regulations for admission abroad. (Qualify in the entrance exams of the respective Medical Council (i.e.-NEET for India etc.) and thereby have a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the respective Medical Council.)
  4. Minimum GPA either in SSC/ ‘O’ level or equivalent or in HSC/ ‘A’ level or equivalent Examination: 4.00 (four).
  5. Minimum GP in Biology: 4.00 (four).
  6. For calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in SSC/ ‘O’ level or equivalent examination, only top 5 subjects are considered for calculation of GPA. Therefore, GPA in ‘O’ level = (total marks obtained in top five subjects)/ 5.
  7. For calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in HSC/ ‘A’ level or equivalent examination, only 3 subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) are considered for calculation of GPA. Therefore, GPA in ‘A’ level = (total marks obtained in three subjects)/ 3.
  8. After fulfillment of the Criteria mentioned in the Guideline, students can apply for admission to the MBBS course.

Application Submission Procedure: (1) Applicants should be submitted in prescribed forms (to be available from the college office). Attested copies of certificates and mark sheets etc. have to be furnished along with the applicant. All certificates and mark sheets must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country of the applicant’s academic institution. No application will be accepted without such attestation. (2) The successful applicants will require producing all academic certificates and mark sheets in original during their admission.

Fees for Foreign Students in TMSS Medical College

Fee structure for foreign student Total financial involvement for 5 years MBBS course is furnished below for information

The total Tuition fee for 5 years course is 40,000 USD including accommodation & food.

Installments Amount Time of Payment Remarks
During admission USD 20,000 January 2019
1st Installment USD 2,500 June 2019
2nd Installment USD 2,500 December 2019
3rd Installment USD 2,500 June 2020
4th Installment USD 2,500 December 2020
5th Installment USD 2,500 June 2021
6th Installment USD 2,500 December 2021
7th Installment USD 2,500 June 2022
8th Installment USD 2,500 December 2022
Grand Total USD 40,000 (USD Forty Thousand Only)

Total financial involvement for 5 years BDS course is furnished below for your information:

The total Tuition fee for 5 years course is 18,000 USD including accommodation & food.

Installments Amount Time of Payment Remarks
During admission USD 8,000 January 2019
1st Installment USD 1,000 June 2019
2nd Installment USD 1,000 December 2019
3rd Installment USD 1,000 June 2020
4th Installment USD 1,000 December 2020
5th Installment USD 1,000 June 2021
6th Installment USD 1,000 December 2021
7th Installment USD 1,000 June 2022
8th Installment USD 1,000 December 2022
9th Installment USD 1,000 June 2023
10th Installment USD 1,000 October 2023
Grand Total USD 18,000 (USD Eighteen Thousand Only)

N.B. – For your personal expenses students may need USD 35 to 100 per month approximately. Besides, students have to pay for the four university exam fees, which are nominal and paid to the Rajshahi Medical University.  These are out of fee structure. General Information for Payment

  • Booking Money – USD 2000 for MBBS and USD 1000 for BDS. Booking money should be paid against individual students. If any student fails to admit after sending booking money, his booking should be considered as canceled and the booking money will be forfeited.
  • The total amount of the Admission fee (USD 20,000 for MBBS/ USD 8,000 for BDS) must be paid before admission; otherwise, admission would not be completed.
  • The next installments must be paid in due time as mentioned in the fee structure. If any student fails to pay the installment in due time, they will be fined $1 for each day.
  • This fee structure is exclusively for 5 (Five) years. If any student fails to come out successfully during a regular period of 5 years or his/her study time is extended, then after 5 years the monthly tuition fees, hostel charges (for food and accommodation), and other charges (if any) shall be borne by the student. The tuition fee will be USD 120 per month and the hostel charges (for food and accommodation) will be as per the regular hostel charges for the foreign students.
  • If any student wishes to carry on internship training program in TMSS Medical College Hospital:
  • In case of the student wants monthly allowance US$ 100 (One Hundred) during one year internship training, then he/she has to pay additional USD 1,200 (One thousand & Two Hundred) at the time of admission.
  • During internship training, free accommodation will be provided by the college, but other hostel fees (fooding cost and utility bill) shall be borne by the student.

Caution Money for TMSS Medical College

Caution money is a matter of refundable issue in TMC based on some terms and conditions. It will be refundable within one year of completing the internship successfully. Beyond that period it would be forfeited.

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