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Do you want to study MBBS in Bangladesh but don’t have any idea which institution is best in the country? The days of worry are over as Dream Careers Consultancy will guide you through this important phase of life. The consultancy firm will provide guidance and help you through the entire process to get you direct MBBS admission and MBBS Study in Bangladesh. So, just sit tight and learn how you can achieve your goal.

  • For medical MBBS study, Bangladesh is the perfect place if you aren’t able to pay high tuition fees. Especially for international students, there is a great opportunity to study medicine in Bangladesh as each govt. The medical college has 75 seats allocated to them. Besides that, the top private medical colleges have a 20-25% seat allocation for international students. And there are at least 50+ private medical institutions in the country which means there is a lot of opportunities for foreign students to attain their lifelong goal of becoming a doctor here than any other place.
  • SAARC students don’t have to pay tuition fees in the top medical institutions in the country. The only expense they have to worry about is their personal expenses such as clothing, food, and other bills. However, for non-SAARC students, the expenses go as much as 3000 US dollars per year with the inclusion of the hostel fee.
  • In all medical colleges, both govt and private, there are separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.
  • The medium in the colleges is English to help a student from all over the globe get hold of the lessons. However, a little bit of Bengali is used from time to time by some lecturers to aid the locals, but that ain’t something to worry about for the international students.
  • The Government-run medical colleges are all approved by the World Health Organization. From all the govt. Colleges, Dhaka Medical College, Sir Salimullah Medical College, and Shaheed Suherwardy Medical College, are slightly ahead as they are the top 3 best medical colleges in Bangladesh.
  • There is no way to get direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh based on donations. The only way to get admission is through the board marks in the 12th standard.

Here is a list of some of the top private medical colleges that you can study MBBS in the country: It may help you to make the right decision.

  • Diabetic Association Medical College
  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College
  • IBN SINA Medical College
  • International Medical College
  • Islami Bank Medical College
  • Medical College For Women & hospital
  • Brahmanbaria Medical College
  • Dhaka National Medical College
  • MARKS Medical College
  • Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College

The ranking may vary from time to time like any other ranking. But right now if you want to aim is to get MBBS admission and MBBS study in Bangladesh with Low Fees in private colleges then the above are the best options. We will provide the complete instruction about these colleges, stay tune with us.