About Dream Careers Consultancy


Dream Careers Consultancy is a leading education consultancy of higher study in Bangladesh & help you to get dirrect MBBS, B.VSc & More admissions

Dream Careers is a leading education and migration consultant agency, providing dedicated support to clients throughout their education and migration journey. We understand that the initial decisions and processes related to studying or migration is a stressful and challenging task for students, migrant applicants, and their families. We continually strive to make these transitions and challenges as smooth as possible through an interactive counseling process with students and their guardians.


We are genuinely interested in the success of the students as their success is equivalent to that of ours. With that in mind, we help them choose the university in accordance with their needs and expectations of a successful career.


We are well aware of the fact that we are not magicians. And, we let all our students know that as well. We know what we can deliver and how fast we can do it. So, we make everything clear right at the beginning of our conversations.